What will be there?

The event will consist of arena standard staging, lighting and sound, as well as numerous fully licensed bars and street food vendors.


Are there disabled toilets?

Yes, there will be a variety of toilets from disabled to standard portaloos. We will be monitoring these throughout the event to ensure that they are as clean as possible.


Where is the festival site located within Mote Park?

The main festival entrance will be situated opposite Mote Park Café, with Mote Park’s main entrance off Mote Avenue being the best way to access the site.


Can we leave and come back?

You cannot leave and re-enter the event.


Is it safe?

Each customer will be searched and so too will their bags. There will be a zero tolerance approach implemented by our experienced and professional security team.


There will also be a medical area on site, where trained first-aiders and paramedics will be available at any time.


Can we camp?

Unfortunately camping is not available.


Is there parking provided?

We are operating our own official car park, which you can purchase tickets for from our ticket page!


What happens if there’s bad weather?

The weather shouldn’t affect the festival too much because of the time of year, however the ground may become wet and soft, so if the weather up to and including the day of the festival is wet, we would advise wearing your wellies!



Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, you are permitted to bring your own snacks and a sealed bottle of water per person (500ml) into the event (no soft drinks or alcohol) but please no banquets.

When arriving to the event, you must join the food only queue, where your bags will be thoroughly searched upon entry. Please note, on average it takes between 2-3 minutes for a member of security to search each picnic/lunch box, which is why we are kindly asking that you do not bring full banquets/picnics.

The knock on effect from this could have a detrimental effect on queueing times upon entry, so please be prepared to wait patiently.


Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately not, the only animals that are permitted on site are registered guide dogs.


Can I bring a chair or blanket?

There will ample seating available inside the event, however yes, you’re more than welcome to bring a blanket or small foldable chair with you.

Please note, however, if you put blankets and chairs directly in front of the stage, you will be asked by security to move them.


Can I bring my camera?

Yes, however it must not be used for commercial use unless given permission by the event organiser prior to the event.


How do I make a complaint?

To make an official complaint, please email info@togetherkent.com, however please ensure that your complaint is made within seven days of the event.